a visit to Death Cafe….

I am honored to have been asked to co-facilitate tonight’s meeting (Tuesday, June 7, 2016) in the San Fernando Valley for a Death Cafe event and a recording for a documentary, on topics I assume, of death and dying. This year I have been blessed to be a part of holding space as two had passed, and I was able to share in rituals with their families. I realize how it may come across to many reading this so I am open and willing should anyone have questions or curiosities as to the “why.” I will say that there are some practices that cut out all of my bullshit, immediately. And, I have witnessed the same as others deal with pending death or the death of a loved one, as the bullshit we all carry melts away as if it were never there. None more powerful for me than being pushed into the now at 17 years old when my father passed away, or when doing an autopsy or dissection, and none like the aging, dying and death experience as a witness with and without personal attachment or agenda.
I am honored to be a part of lessening my own suffering and anyone’s suffering that may be made worse by the shock of what has always been guaranteed and inevitable yet rarely discussed as adults or with children – a part of something that, for the most part is thought of as a morbid and negative topic and is pushed away to practice positive thinking. As if positive thinking could exist without knowledge of the negative. All carry this unseen expiration date. Inevitability is an invitation for wisdom and through rituals and a sacred-stepping-back of our small self to embrace the larger personal and universal self or whatever you believe is your truth, unveiled a profound naturalness for me. It feels like a moving-out-of-the-way. We can admit to an immense & inherent power within when we investigate how much we do not know – a surrender to something other than our limited ego-mind. I wanted to say thank you for inviting me and I look forward to tonight and all the teachings that lie waiting for me, seen and unseen. If you would like more information on a Death Cafe event near you, go to http://deathcafe.com and https://www.facebook.com/deathcafe/?fref=nf
Ram Ram – Love, Katrina

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