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Photo by John Phaneuf

Photo by John Phaneuf

Katrina’s “no-bullshit” approach draws her teachings from the belief that we all come from the same beautiful and sometimes broken place, and that together we can use certain methods to blast open the heart and propel our lives into the highest possible freedom. She has studied extensively, the messages of her primary teacher Ram Dass, as well as many others within philosophy, neuroscience, anatomy, psychology and movement, and  incorporates both Eastern and Western modalities in her transformational work designing it personally for others. For the full bio, click here.

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Katrina Chester’s latest article “The Duality Reality” on the “Ram Dass website”.

“…Remember the Dr. peddling that homeless man on his handlebars. On that one day, with suffering and grace present, strangers from very different walks of life, from very different places, shared a ride to safety together. As an ancient practice once taught me – there are many paths to get there but we all end up in the same place….”
excerpt from *“The Duality Reality”  by Katrina Chester


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