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September 11th, 2015

The Duality Reality

“…Feeling pretty helpless, far away, thinking “Sad September has arrived”…I would try something different this year. In honor of all their struggles to be brave, maybe I could too. I sat for meditation with Maharaji and quickly heard a voice inside reporting ‘Maharaji left his body too on 9/11 1973’  – this is one powerful day. As I “sit” even taller with the thought…I am sitting for them all; as Maharaji leads the journey and 9/11 searches for a home in my heart….”


Ashley R. Walsh – Even though I read this “late”, I found it no less relevant. Your words are timeless and touching. I found my eyes filled with tears at the beautiful truth you revealed. Wow. So well written. So you. So utterly perfect.

Michaele Mather • That day each of us felt something different but the same. I can go back to that feeling instantly when I think about. I was scared & frustrated & unsure of what was next. Through it all, I never felt more united with the people of this country than during that time. Thank you for sharing this truly moving story. It was beautifully written.’

Pogo Saito – i remember waking up in the early hours with a feeling i have never had before. i was so full of emotion, fear, pain, it almost made me sick and my stomach was on fire and also felt stabbed–sharp impaling. i bolted upright in bed trying to stop shaking. i thought maybe i was anxious about taking my two feral kittens to the vet to be neutered. when i got to the office–there was no bad feeling. hmm. then i went home and turned on the TV. and saw the horrible news. and did the math and realized that the moment i woke up on the west coast with that horrible feeling was the moment the first plane hit.

Phillip Freres – I too remember the shift that took place that day. That day when so many lives were lost and others changed forever. I still struggle to understand. I continue to pray for peace every day.

Veronica M De Ferrari – On September 11, 1973 not only Maharashi passed away, but also thousands of innocent Chileans, with their President Allende. They were killed by Pinochet, a dictator, in a coup as violent but larger than the NY tragedy .It was the start of 18 years of massacres, torture and oppression. Incredibly, still today the world refuses to acknowledge it.

Trish Thompson – Without a doubt the western world was shuck by this catastrophic event. Let’s not forget that each moment can be catastrophic or exceedingly joyous, how i honour each moment & It’s effect on me is what matters. For me I need to not fall into the despair of sadness, hoplessness, fear, anger & all the other powerful feelings that being human presents…yes i feel them, it’s difficult not to

Lisa Anne Nicolai – I overslept that day. I had also decided to take,ironically, a day off from the internet so I could study a script. And I did not turn on my television. What I remember was how quiet Park LaBrea was and the only movement was a maintenance man riding his golf cart by my garden apartment… noon. And it was another pretty day in LA. Then my then boyfriend called and was, freaked out as he had lived in NYC for thirteen years and worked at the WTC at one time. And suddenly…the lovely, quiet day was the silent harbinger of sadness.

Shelly St Martin • The puppeteer’s hand says so much… Thank you, so much for so powerful revelation of pain delivered out on that monstrous day.

Cara Evans Albero • Every hair is standing on end….how beautifully you delivered that message wrapped up in a package of love with a shiny bow! I love you and am grateful to be walking this earth plane beside you! Thank you for this gift today!

Rena Morris • Beautifully written and conveyed. Thank you for sharing your heart your stories and your soul. You are the grace and the courage and the love ❤️

Zak Shaffer • Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your story and insight.

evoc • Thank you for writing that. You took a walk through hell, and you were greatly blessed.

Shelly St Martin – I hope I can take a stroll with you someday, Katrina.

May 28th, 2015

Walking Away – Rewriting the Script

“Our seemingly immovable judgements, fueled with personal and cultural morals and ethics, may stay until they are not useful any longer, but we can question them. Judgements are like electric fences, surrounding and protecting what the mind thinks the heart can’t handle…when it can. Practice for me is like a hidden way around the electric fence, so I don’t get shocked as much.  The intention is to develop a new relationship to the judgement, or to whatever shows up when we are feeling stuck. Once our judgements are questioned there is some freedom to feel more and think less, with new eyes…”


Apollo   Thank you so much for this I really enjoyed it and it’s very true the attachment is what will keep me fighting and holding on even when I know I should just walk away. Cheers!

March 16th, 2015

Confessions of a Misfit

“It’s funny how life-changing moments can come disguised in the most banal of circumstances. I had just finished an asana class and I was feeling pretty good about my newfound ability to get my right leg over my head. One step closer to sticking my head up my own ass. If only THAT alone was a guaranteed route to ‘enlightenment’. But, sadly, for me, it was not…”

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