Blood super moon tonight….

And tonight's blood moon- not seen since 1910- will be visible to all they say.....
the action may have been felt for humans as tight inhales the last few days, felt it at all? Tightening, frantic. Or, your 'leading up' may have felt like inertia, 
confusion, and lack of follow through. 
This comes to us as an invite so we can balance both.
it's not the power of the moon I speak of as an out of this world genie in a bottle granting wishes (although who knows, that could be. I haven't a clue) - it's 
physics, energy, stardust, kosmos and cosmos (as the Greeks said) I am referring
to. Like string theory. 
Last few days was the long inhale.....and tonight is the big exhale. 
Set a larger intention because we can- and exhale with all of you, whatever does not totally serve THAT larger intention. Do it with your doubts or skepticism, or your utterly belief. Doesn't really matter. And do it without expectations of a result. 
Pretend it's an old custom we humans have done for as far back as we have been able to trace humans.
See you in the moon tonight. Katrina

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