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referenced links from Podcast, Ep. 30!

The man quoted on “Role of Man” from Zooming in the Lens Podcast episode #30 is Mr. Robert Bly! He is an incredible poet, speaker, storyteller, mythologist, and philosopher that effected change for men in many ways with talks like the one below. I am happy to introduce him to some, and reconnect his wisdom, for others. Michael Meade is a renowned storyteller, author, and scholar of mythology, anthropology, and psychology. He combines hypnotic storytelling, street-savvy perceptiveness, and spellbinding interpretations of ancient myths with a deep knowledge of cross-cultural rituals. For more info on Michael Meade – MM. Very thankful these two men got together and graced us with such important interpretations and to me, directions for how to help ourselves and the culture.

The below video is 1 of 6 videos and all are available on youtube – we are VERY lucky this is the case. Part 2 was referenced as well. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!

On Being A Man Pt.1-6 (1989) Robert Bly Michael Meade – YouTube Video –  9:03

On Being A Man Pt. 2-6 (1989) Robert Bly and Michael Meade-YouTube Video – 10:58

“I have seen it time and time again at the bedside of so many – you die as you live.”

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July 30 at 8:07pm ·

I have done a lot in my years on this earth. I have done things that may even blow some people’s minds, who knows. But to prepare for this weekend with him, I am clear I would need another 46 years just to TOUCH a worthy description as eloquent as Stephen Jenkinson and his wisdom of language, executed with tongue and heart. In other words – HOLY SHIT. If you are looking for feel-good, self-help, anti-aging positive thinking…DO NOT CLINK on this link. His work is not depressing by any means but it is dramatically real. And “real” is not a prescription our culture runs to fill, myself included. Yet the one thing we all can’t deny, all have in common, no matter what cool city/state we’re from or how many friends we have on Facebook…we are all going to die and none of us know the exact time or day. When you speak about this topic, what usually comes next is a sign of a disease this “real” RX serves best although uncomfortably – I HAVE LIVED MY WHOLE LIFE IN A DEATH PHOBIC CULTURE. How about you? I may not be skilled enough to battle you exclaiming you don’t, but Stephen Jenkinson can. Few quotes from last two days I will share with ya. “The truth of you’re dying is not in the future, it’s now. It will not become truer than now, or even as you labor under the illusion it’s coming” “…engage the god of endings and limits or endings and limits become demons…” “The prerequisite for loving life is that it’s working out for you.” ”the problem of an addicted-to-death phobic culture is in the language we use about it, or don’t.” “we’ve all lost keys and wallets, can we really use that same language about someone we love?” “What role models, elder or young, do you have as a mirror for a different way to understand death and dying?” “I have seen it time and time again at the bedside of so many – you die as you live.” “How do we think we can learn to live from death (something that happens to each and every one of us) when the culture we live in, for the most part, pushes away, denies, rejects, adds hope, says to fight, reports you have a long way to go when clearly no one knows, when the people you count on and love don’t look at you and tell you the truth to protect you, in a culture that promotes you should have no limits for what you want and worship power and control…” – It’s okay not to dig this post, no one really knows anything, but should these understandings of his intrigue you at all, check out Stephen:

In silence now taking in all that was delivered to us and I know some of you on here asked for some notes as soon as I was back. I deliver these to them. I can tell you one thing…from engaging in this topic I love life more, not less from of talking about death and dying. xxx