“God Has No Religion”

Incredible speech by progressive Christian Rev. Dr. Ray which can inspire us all to use the boxes humans created but not let them use us. This is parts of his lecture chopped up but take a listen to the whole 15 minute lecture. Parts of this lecture will be included at the end of episode 14 of Zooming in the Lens Podcast where I get to speak to a musician in his late 20’s. This conversation progressed naturally to his practice of Islam. A very interesting intro to being Muslim, shedding light into misconceptions we may have since 9/11-which I was a personally a part of. “God has no religion.” (these next ones are not word for word quotes)- God doesn’t have invested interest in architecture either (temple over church, mosque over cathedral). Do you know the difference between a town and a city, the logically reasons for the differences? Having a cathedral gives a city a title-don’t have a cathedral? You are a town. So put religion in a box (a building) and you get better titles. Here his words at the link below! Thank you Rev Ray-religion looks good on you.

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