zitlYOUlogo“Everyone in my group is so different, but we relate so well.  Katrina really has a knack for understanding how to create groups of people who can easily help each other find the place in themselves that is the same.  I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in only a month!”        Ashley, Astrophysicist, MI  click for more student testimonies

Important information to know:

Course requirements needed •Computer (desktop or laptop) with reliable internet connection • webcam (internal or external) • working audio in/out capabilities • free Skype- included in the course once you’re in a group, is a tech walk-through so don’t worry if your not savvy on technicals. Just make sure you DO have everything working. Try it out with a friend first if you’re unsure. Are you able to have privacy for the 1 1/2 hours in a quiet indoor location?

What is the concept of “Zooming in the Lens“?

Functional Yoga Online and Ram Dass.org are very excited to offer this new interactive, personalized concept of online courses. The desire is to form groups of like-minded people for compatible, relatable spiritual practice for you…zooming into the lens of individual perceptions within a small Satsung (community).

Katrina unveiled that incorporating and personalizing teachings, meeting each person where they are in life, uncovers a sweet spot in us all and can powerfully integrate ‘experience based’ practice. A part of us quiet’s for the exchange shared in Satsang, transferring them from paper into your life. With humor and organic down-to-earth conversation, along with like-minded souls in your group, ZITL has created an opportunity for the limitless Satsang (community) we all sort of wish we had at our disposal.

To achieve this, the groups are tailored towards a small, intimate gathering rather than most offerings that are large and lecture-driven. This is a special endeavor moving away from the common concept and embracing a more interactive community feel. Soon after submitting your name and email you will receive a questionnaire to quickly send back completed. Your responses to the questionnaire are the basis of our group formations. Your responses will give us the opportunity to form personalized relatable groups, for this course, and continued courses. To assure your needs are addressed within this or future shared group environments, details are encouraged on the questionnaire. All responses are kept confidential. Due to the degree of tailoring to each individual, and with limited spots available within each group, this course requires at least 7 days notice for cancelations.

What is a group?

The groups intend to put people together who are in similar places with their spiritual journey. A group will consist of somewhere between 5 to 10 participants per course, along with Katrina. This is to assure as much freedom for participation as possible and to deliver personal quality and individual attention. A Community is vital to help us to reorient ourselves to a spiritual perspective. It helps to have fellow seekers in your life who can help you to stay on-track, be accountable and who remind you gently when you seem to have lost your way. Just as we adjust the lens of a microscope to see a specimen more clearly, we can turn the lens on our own perspective to see something more or less in focus.This course is open to men and women, 18 years of age or older. Requesting future group specifics is welcomed and encouraged!

What can I roughly expect from a class?

Each week Katrina will lead the group into topic-related discussions through video chat using the free Skype platform, which will allow participants to see, hear and interact with each other. Katrina will introduce readings, insights and materials to broaden our “lens” within self-study.  We may explore poetry from the likes of Kabir, Rumi, and Hafiz; referencing scripture like the Gita and finding what those words of wisdom can mean for us in our day-to-day lives. We will venture into some relevant audio from different teachings, as well as continual personal guidance to help each individual discover the self-practices that inspire them. There will be some opportunity for the use of worksheets and further study lessons throughout the course. ♥ Because of the organic & personalized nature of Zooming in the Lens – we have found it is better to arrive in the now as the priority, rather than, a fixed weekly curriculum. In this way, we can be both fluid and focused. Click here for a soft outline without the personalization.♥

Am I required to share during the group video chat?

It is our desire with Zooming in the Lens to cultivate a safe confidential environment where you will feel comfortable and inspired to open up and share with your group. That is why the sign-up process is so unique – we are aspiring to create groups of strangers who don’t feel like strangers. Within that comfortability, you will hopefully feel that sharing comes naturally. The more we expose our “stories” the less power they have. However, speaking out loud in the live hangout is not mandatory. Everyones vehicle to peace within is very individual. Whether you have never practiced before or have been practicing for years, exploration with like-minded people can allow us to expand and widen our perspective. Feel free to share any concerns, questions and special requests prior to the course, confidentially, via email. This personal platform allows for the attention of each attendee.

What will I be responsible for completing?

Nothing! This is not a teacher training; you will not be graded, grounded or punished. Although Katrina’s private practice has requirements, she wants to offer ZITL as a more casual setting with many opportunities for those ambitious and dedicated individuals. However, if you are goal-oriented, keeping good honest expectations should probably be evaluated by your level of participation for the full effects a Satsang can be.

Can my significant other or a friend join in the video chat?

No. This is an opportunity for you to go on a solo adventure. It is also important for the privacy of all sharing participants. In the future we will be offering courses designed for couples, parents/children, siblings, friends and more. If you have any ideas or requests for future courses, make sure to list that on your questionnaire in the section provided. We are also asking that during the course hour and a half, you are somewhere private, quiet and to the best of your ability, on your own. Privacy is very important to FYO and for the power of ZITL, people may be sharing and trust we can all adhere to that small request.

What technology do I need to participate in the course?

This course will be using the Skype platform which requires a Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer with webcam (built in or external), audio capabilities, strong internet connection, and the free Skype app (can be downloaded at www.skype.com) Not familiar with Skype? Don’t worry! Once confirmed within a group, each participant will have the opportunity for a live technical walk-through with one of our team members prior to the start of the course!

What are the best environmental conditions when I log on for class?

Once the hour and a half long session has begun, you will be able see and communicate with Katrina as well as the other participants in your group simultaneously. For this reason, we require that you be alone in a quiet setting with no distractions for the duration of each session for your benefit and in consideration of the other participants. It is VERY important that you have access to a quiet location with no background noise. Even a subtle sound coming from a TV or radio in another room can be heard in platforms like this, and surprisingly are much louder than you would expect. This can cause audio feedback for everyone.

What if you don’t find me a group this time?

Please understand that because of the small size of these groups and pairing people with some similarities, not everyone who submits their questionnaire will be able to participate in this group. However, by submitting your questionnaire, it will allow us to place you within the next compatible group. New groups are currently being formed. Katrina places you in a file and as they are collected, filed them up with people for a group FOR you. Once organized, you will be contacted in hopes the schedule suits you. If not, we may even make a group around you. All is possible within this format. Nothing is possible if no questionnaire is submitted, unfortunately. Click here to sign up to receive email updates on future ZITL courses and related news.

Are there set days and times for the course?

Yes, there will be set days and times for each group. But, keep in mind that the time could slightly change if the majority of attendee’s are coming from a similar time zone, but you will have ample notice. With this personal format, it can sometimes go overtime. As long as we know an hour before a session that you have to end on time, we can aid in a smooth exit as to not interrupt the others. Check here for your time zone.

How much does it cost?

We are proud to offer this for now as suggested donation of $50 – $208.00 • We ask that you please donate to your highest ability, yet no one will be turned away due to donation size. Please note – no donations will be accepted until after you have been notified of a group for you. We thank you for your generosity and kindness. We decided to make this ‘suggested donation’ as Katrina and LSRF feel passionate that what matters most, is the bringing together of those who are curious, hungry, and willing seekers. We hope you can join us~

How do I get started?  Once you have read and understood what ZITL is, follow the steps below! We can’t wait to meet you!

  1. Go to https://www.ramdass.org/zooming/ and fill out registration with your email. By doing that, you are letting us know that you are interested in this course concept.
  2. Once your registration is received, you will receive an email with a Questionnaire to be completed and returned to us quickly. The groups intended to put people together who are in similar places with their spiritual journey. All questionnaire responses are kept confidential. Remember, there are no donations needed until a group has been found for you, at which time, now or later, you are free to decline until the next group is found for you.

Submitting your questionnaire does not confirm your space within this course. All confirmations and invitations will be sent to you via email, first.

  1. All submissions will receive an email response. In order to accommodate everyone, this email will arrive in 1 of 2 ways: ~Informing you of the opportunity for future placement within a group, or ~ instructions for a personal phone chat with Katrina. You can still register your name at anytime for placement in a future group.

Click HERE to begin Registration!


→→ If you live outside of the US… we would love for you to participate, keeping the above in mind, and that you are able to speak and understand the English language fluently. Katrina may be calling certain participants prior, and in order to, form groups, as part of the process. Translators will be considered, however, ZITL is strictly only to be attended by the ONE person who has registered. Some exceptions will be considered if we are notified ahead of time. Please see the FAQ link below.
→→→ Act quickly if interested...due to the amount of work needed to form groups, “Act quickly” is referring to 1. registering name and email at RamDass.org to receive a questionnaire allowing for group pairing, and 2. once you have received & completed the questionnaire from FYO, promptly returning it to FYO. You will be alerted once a group has formed for you! If one has, all scheduling starts for all the “tech walk-throughs” via skype only. Katrina (only) reads and personalizes the material.

We thank you for your interest and really want this experience for you and this specific information will truly help us to do that!


Disclaimer and privacy: Zooming in the Lens courses are not therapy or medical treatment and is not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological conditions. It is your personal, primary and sole responsibility to be pre-approved by your mental health representative or care-takers. Zooming in the Lens and  Functional Yoga Online collectively and individually; and all companies sponsoring; including “guest” individuals and affiliates- will not be held personally or collectively responsible for participants mental or physical health during or after your participation in this course in perpetuity. All of the above parties hosting, promoting and facilitating this course will not be held liable in any way for your personal participation; and have the right to terminate your participation due to misconduct or any behavior disturbance and breach outlined on the “FAQ” or verbally discussed disrupting others within the course. All sign ups and attendees agree to; act respectfully regarding conduct and privacy of others including; refraining from any and all recordings of video or audio of this course. By submitting your name and email you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above, as well as; read and understand all materials provided, including explanations of the unique pre-screening process in forming groups to allow personal attention to everyone’s needs. With registering your personal information, you agree to receive future course updates that may be right for you. We will not share your name, email, or any personal information with anyone other than the sponsors presenting (Ram Dass and FYO). No one but Katrina Chester will have access to personal information contained within your questionnaire and they will not be used in any way part your participation within the formation of groups for ZITL online courses.  You may always choose to opt-out of the mailing list at any time. This is a non-refundable donation based course due to the extent of personalizing. We thank you for cooperation in making this a good adventure for all. © Functional Yoga Online