Course testimonials

Cate, 62, Student, CA

“The influence Katrina has had on me is positive. In her presence I know l am loved and not alone. Her insight and wisdom, her wealth of experience and resource, her essence, her humanness, all fills me with acceptance for the journey through what arises, without judgment.”

Robyn C., Canada

“Taking this course has been a wonderful experience. Not only do you meet spiritually-minded people, but you are able to learn from Katrina, who is extremely wise, engaging and genuine. She knows so much – from everywhere, really! And teaches in a way that is very accessible. She is also here for you outside of the course. The curriculum she designs like said, “can last a lifetime”. She is an amazing teacher and taking part in her course is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will always remember!”

Deb Dohrman, Small Business Owner, WA-

debimage“I began following Ram Dass on Facebook which connected me to Katrina and I immediately felt a sense of homecoming. I knew that I had to apply. I had always had a strong practice and a deep spiritual connection but after a near fatal accident I struggled and felt lost for many months. It was as if I was reconnecting and finding my spiritual path again, and then this opportunity arose. Katrina handpicks the groups in a way that serves the whole as well as the individual. The curriculum is designed the same way and we are free to do some, none, or part of our weekly assignments. From the opening moments of our first meeting until the closing moments of the last one, there was an atmosphere of openness, honesty, and love. Katrina has a beautiful way of seeing our individual needs and helping us to look within, to go inside and connect with spirit in an honest and beautiful way. I finally feel that I am on my way back to where I need to be, but better yet I was given the tools to come back to self and find my way through those dark nights of the soul that we all experience in life. The course gave me enough information and options for study that I can spend a lifetime “Zooming In The Lens”. What an amazing and life changing experience! Thank you Katrina for your devotion to the practice and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all. Love and Peace to you all. “

                                                             Lisa, Psychotherapist, NJ-                                                      “I came into this experience with the hope that I would find community, share, and learn. Zooming Into The Lens has exceeded my expectations. I’m connecting to both the people and the curriculum in a deep and serendipitous way. ZITL is the online sangha I was hoping existed, but could never find. This month-long course is truly a year-long study filled with a multitude of information across various disciplines. It is personal to each person, and you will receive both what you want and what you need from it. Katrina provides esoteric teachings in a down-to-earth manner, and applies them to real world scenarios that can be used in daily life. Her humor and willingness to share her own personal struggles and triumphs are what really makes this course both special and rare. I have never before encountered a course that offers the powerful gift of one-on-one phone consultation with the teacher. I feel both refreshed and stimulated after our online group sessions, and the homework we’re assigned for the week gives that feeling momentum and keeps me operating at a higher vibration. Even after the course has technically ended, you’re encouraged to continue interacting with your group, so the course really only ends when you want it to. I’m both honored and blessed to have been a part of this enlightening adventure.”

                                                        Ashley, Astrophysicist, MI –     ashley walsh photo “I began this course in search of satsang, sangha, spiritual family, community. Like so many people, my practice, for me asanas, meditation, and chanting, led me to a wonderful space in which I could feel attachments start to fall away, but a space that was scary, lonely, and empty, often called “dark night of the soul”. We all have suffering in our lives. Anybody can tell you to use your suffering as an opportunity to awaken, but Katrina teaches you how to apply sometimes abstract concepts. No matter if you’d consider yourself a curious beginner or a yogi, we all have questions. Zooming in the Lens offers personal guidance. It’s designed to be the perfect level of challenge for any student. Participation is at your comfort level and assignments are optional. It all depends on what feels right for you. All that matters is that you show up and try to be present, which isn’t difficult because Katrina has an uncanny innate ability to bring people into the present moment. She’s able to teach in a way that speaks to anyone. Everyone in my group is so different, but we relate so well. Katrina really has a knack for understanding how to create groups of people who can easily help each other find the place in themselves that is the same. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in only a month! The experience has been truly transformative and has left me with a multitude of tools applicable to life as a human being. I’ve found spiritual family–friends–and I will forever be grateful for Katrina for helping me further open my heart in ways that I really needed.”

Bryan Clark, Mindset Coach, The Work of Byron Katie, CO –bryan clark photo
“The powerful insights offered by Katrina in Zooming In The Lens, have breathed new life into Ram Dass’ teachings, giving them a practical perspective. In just four weeks, I’ve experienced intimate connections with my new friends in the ZITL course, who have all bared their heart and soul through their questions and fearless sharing. My perception of “Namaste” has gone from “something woo woo that spiritual people say to each other” to a sacred experience of “I see you”. I find myself using the tools Katrina offered (in generous abundance) on a daily basis, to quickly catch myself when I get caught in my belief system, and invite myself back to Presence. I have also discovered ways to communicate more effectively with private clients in my mindfulness coaching practice.                                                                                                             ZITL is a priceless experience! If you’re looking to nurture your self-awareness, listen to your heart, and accept the gift of Katrina’s invitation to journey with her — you won’t regret it!”

  Jim McCown, Retired, MO –

I registered for this course not really knowing what to expect. Shortly after filling out and submitting the questionnaire, I shared a long conversation with Katrina; I knew, as I hung up the phone, that this course was going to be a life-changing experience for me. Katrina hand-picked the group from a number of applicants, and though our backgrounds, ages, and genders were all over the map, we gelled as a group and become a sangha. The Zooming in the Lens Course offers the opportunity for anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, education, or degree of enlightenment to further their practice by answering questions about themselves and how they interact with their environment–most that they didn’t even know to ask–in a safe, hand selected, small-group setting (via Skype). Katrina provides an amazing variety of material for the group to read, listen to, view, and react to–sometimes as assignments but mostly for information and as examples; she tailors the course to not only the group as a whole but to each individual participant. Of course, all assignments and “homework” were optional, but who wouldn’t want to participate? All of the assignments were interesting, most were fun, and some were very hard, both emotionally and intellectually. I came out of this course with a much clearer picture of where I am in my process of Awakening and what concrete steps I need to take in the next chapter of my life. Thank you, Katrina!”

Renee, Disabled Writer, CA –
“I found the course Zooming the Lens when I clicked on something on the internet and it popped up. I clicked over to read about the course, took the questionnaire & by the time I answered the last question I was laughing. I liked the questions. I was drawn to the course description. I wanted to find some sense of community, some inspiration. Being disabled, this online course meant I could participate from right where I am- in this body just as it is.
What I’m experiencing from the course is the same. The information and knowledge that is being shared, by Katrina… and by the other participants is available to me just where I am in my journey, just right here and now.
I am noticing shifts in how I do things- everything from how I go to sleep to how I wake up (on all the levels). How I walk. How I look at my cane. How I use the word “I” and what it means. How I receive the world. I am learning ways that make sense right where I am and how I am, to use my life as my own practice. There aren’t a lot of rules, or any-one way, it’s multiple ways. Katrina is grounded, present, fierce and able to witness, hear and respond from a clean place that is rare. I am grateful for the changes (small and big) happening for me. This has felt like a coming home but that part is my own way. This is what I love about this course. You can go your own way. You can talk or be quiet. You can get more information or “homework” or none. You can take in what serves you and let go the rest. This is made explicit and it’s freeing.
I started as someone who felt that I had lost my relationship to the Divine. I am now in it and realize it was always mine. I am now using all of it, life, problems, a broken relationship. a broken body as material. It’s just what is. But it’s not quite so heavy. It’s full of possibility. This course is making room for me to find out and to do so in the best sort of company.”

Collin Cerbus, OH, ex-military

“Zooming in the Lens has united me with like minded people for the first time. I grew up under a very reformed christian doctrine. I joined the army’s infantry searching to ascertain a certain “freedom”. I only glimpsed of this later, on deployment, through Ram Dass, who helped inspire this course. Katrina led us through an intimate gathering of souls. We were taught, reminded, and inspired by many concepts. Everybody fell in love with each other instantly. Katrina provides a beautifully tailored source of teachings for each person as well as the group. If you find yourself along a spiritual quest, come here to seek further enlightenment, as you’re zoomed inwards.”

Disclaimer and privacy: Zooming in the Lens courses are not therapy or medical treatment and is not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological conditions. It is your personal, primary and sole responsibility to be pre-approved by your mental health representative or care-takers. Zooming in the Lens and  Functional Yoga Online collectively and individually; and all companies sponsoring; including “guest” individuals and affiliates- will not be held personally or collectively responsible for participants mental or physical health during or after your participation in this course in perpetuity. All of the above parties hosting, promoting and facilitating this course will not be held liable in any way for your personal participation; and have the right to terminate your participation due to misconduct or any behavior disturbance and breach outlined on the “FAQ” or verbally discussed disrupting others within the course. All sign ups and attendees agree to; act respectfully regarding conduct and privacy of others including; refraining from any and all recordings of video or audio of this course. By submitting your name and email you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above, as well as; read and understand all materials provided, including explanations of the unique pre-screening process in forming groups to allow personal attention to everyone’s needs. With registering your personal information, you agree to receive future course updates that may be right for you. We will not share your name, email, or any personal information with anyone other than the sponsors presenting (Ram Dass and FYO). No one but Katrina Chester will have access to personal information contained within your questionnaire and they will not be used in any way part your participation within the formation of groups for ZITL online courses.  You may always choose to opt-out of the mailing list at any time. This is a non-refundable donation based course due to the extent of personalizing. We thank you for cooperation in making this a good adventure for all. © Functional Yoga Online

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