Who is this course for?

– Jim McCown, Retired – MO, …ZITL participant says…

“Zooming in the Lens Course offers the opportunity for anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, education, or degree of enlightenment to further their practice by answering questions about themselves and how they interact with their environment–most that they didn’t even know to ask–in a safe, hand selected, small-group setting (via Skype). –full testimonies

ZITL online course is for…

  • those who thrive in casual down-to-earth environment and communication
  • those who would enjoy small groups with self exploration
  • those searching for a platform comfortable enough that no question is stupid
  • those who may not be resonating with the current language used in spiritual dialogue
  • men and women 18 years or older (teen courses coming in the future)
  • those looking to widen their current practice or start a practice
  • those not knowing where to start 
  • those seeking practical application (how you apply spiritual practices to your daily life)
  • people who describe themselves as “spiritual” yet don’t know what to do with that
  • those curious and hungry to dialogue about yoga outside of the physical practice
  • those physically unable to participate in physical practice – but want to know what else there is they can practice?
  • those who don’t have access to in-person communities practicing
  • those with a sense of humor and desiring to not take themselves so seriously
  • those that can not travel outside the home due to obligations, health, etc.
  • those comfortable dancing with many schools of thoughts and wisdom
  • those looking for approachable and relatable teachings, fellow seekers and community
  • yoga teachers who’s focus for study is or had been mainly asana yet they are desiring a bridge for more
  • those down for the dialogue and meaningful conversation 
  • those who would roll their eyes at the word “Yoga”  but want a deeper self-understanding

ZITL is perfect for hungry, willing, curious and desiring seekers of alternative thinking, living and being.

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Disclaimer and privacy: Zooming in the Lens courses are not therapy or medical treatment and is not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological conditions. It is your personal, primary and sole responsibility to be pre-approved by your mental health representative or care-takers. Zooming in the Lens and  Functional Yoga Online collectively and individually; and all companies sponsoring; including “guest” individuals and affiliates- will not be held personally or collectively responsible for participants mental or physical health during or after your participation in this course in perpetuity. All of the above parties hosting, promoting and facilitating this course will not be held liable in any way for your personal participation; and have the right to terminate your participation due to misconduct or any behavior disturbance and breach outlined on the “FAQ” or verbally discussed disrupting others within the course. All sign ups and attendees agree to; act respectfully regarding conduct and privacy of others including; refraining from any and all recordings of video or audio of this course. By submitting your name and email you are acknowledging and agreeing to the above, as well as; read and understand all materials provided, including explanations of the unique pre-screening process in forming groups to allow personal attention to everyone’s needs. With registering your personal information, you agree to receive future course updates that may be right for you. We will not share your name, email, or any personal information with anyone other than the sponsors presenting (Ram Dass and FYO). No one but Katrina Chester will have access to personal information contained within your questionnaire and they will not be used in any way part your participation within the formation of groups for ZITL online courses.  You may always choose to opt-out of the mailing list at any time. This is a non-refundable donation based course due to the extent of personalizing. We thank you for cooperation in making this a good adventure for all. © Functional Yoga Online