Ep. 30 – “Role of Man”

village elder, initiation from boy to man

village elder, initiation from boy to man

Do we truly see men today? Do men today see themselves? Are man in THIER truth, or is the pull too strong to be sociates man, informing what they should and shouldn’t be? The village mentality for the most part has slipped away in our culture and was replaced with an experience in isolation since the industrial revolution took elder men from the home to work (or nearby). Without these seen and unseen male initiations at the forefront, what is rising a boy to become a man? It may be youtube and corporations raising men today. Related or not, do men today cultivate and pass on the conscious male relationship? The work of Robert Bly claims that men in our culture suffer from this lack, by unconsciously carrying and passing on a “deep shock.” In episode 30, hear from two men (Tommy Stewart and Adam Elzarou) who join Katrina to ponder how men today are supposed to learn to be men. Is today’s man thriving or struggleing from lack of village elders? “Something has to die to be born and what will have to die is the boy.”

Intro voice is the late Mr. Robert Bly – To hear the lecture referenced in this episode go to http://functionalyogaonline.com/blog/ / Music and editing by Ian Hatton – www.ianhatton.com

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