Imprecise storytelling – “God might have ADHD” by Frog Pellegrino (11-yrs old)

Get ready to hear parenting advice from an 11-year old – Donovan “Frog” Pellegrino is his name! Frog was labeled early on with ADHD and behavioral issues. imprecise storytellingWe are all aware there is no handbook for parenting. Even if there were, I wouldn’t follow it. We each express differently  in life, with and without diagnosed issues. Each physiological model can show us what it’s “like” to have these labels but we may also feel separeted from others. Perhaps if we look at diagnosis from the lens of “what it’s like” and not “what it IS,” we can create some space for parents to guide each child & not the statistic. Most of the accountings frog will share are not totally accurate (lol) – he has very loving parents – but this opportunity to practice was a gift to us. It was remarkable to witness a child who is given the opportunity to feel seen and heard. We learned a lot and are recording another one too! Questions for Frog? Send them ASAP to ! Thank you frogs mom, and to frog for allowing this recording to take place. /  / /  / /



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