Imprecise storytelling – “kids say the most ****** ** things” w/ Frog 11-yrs old

WARNING: Have you SPOKEN to an 11-year old boy in 2016? If not, you may want to skip the first 20 minutes! Our guest is 11-yr old “FROG” again, who first assumes the role of shock-jock, dropping bombs on sex, suicide, porn and some curse words (trust me, his parents are taking care of it!) Nevertheless, things HAVE changed since we wereimprecise storytelling kids! This is our version of “Kids say the most ****** ** things!”
Frog has great parents but does struggle with labels like ADHD and behavioral issues. Just as we picked our jaw off the floor, this wise and curious, existential FROG appeared…grab your sense of humor and a notepad as this 11-year old, explains “how life is a mystery – God gives us a choice at the end of life to be a ghost or reincarnate (did you know being a ghost is an actual JOB?) He ponders death, mediums – “coincidence or connected?” How “God is in EVERYTHING,” and “what if Jesus isn’t God’s son but just a really nice guy in a long white robe?” He shares how ”Life is a game and death is an amazing thing, I can’t wait to see everybody”… okay, enough teasers ya’ll. Get off social media right now and step into the curious mind of the philosopher, FROG.

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