Practice with giving…


There is nothing more beautiful than discovering this place inside that is “giving,” even if both feet aren’t totally walking yet. This ashram is a powerful place that literally DOES gracefully infect even the biggest of skeptics to the power of deities and their symbology, uses for today, importance of ritual – sacred – initiations and milestones we all face through life which can make us feel separate when indeed… we even unite from a lack of uniqueness in suffering. What any of it has to do with you or me, cannot be explained, no matter how much I once wished it. This is what is meant by experienced based practice. A direct participation for each of us as part of this life, individually and collectively, as humans. The Hanuman Temple in Taos, NM is not trying to collect anyone – they exist, literally, as a home for love and devotion – so perhaps this new temple they are trying to build should be looked at as a brave first step for seekers to give to something that is not their typical way to give because in truth, this giving is a giving to the undiscovered self. That self which has no thought to being sure, to who or what deserves money, to the judgment of weirdos who worship statues, for what you will get in return. It just gives what it can. $5, $10, $50 or more. Part of the practice of giving is what it can unfold in us when we give that which we are attached to (including the mind finding logical sense to okay it), and that which we need for survival, and that which we do not. So I am giving tonight. I am not giving so I have no money to eat, yet I am giving just past what this mind reports as “the limit,” that which shows me that a potential lives and breaths in me that like most things in life, may never be fully explained. Because I know that most of us walk around unable to explain how an arm lifts or if love is a biochemical and neurological reaction or an energy from beyond the beyond – yet we keep lifting our arms and loving. So perhaps, not everything has to make logical sense, and in fact, when it doesn’t, you may just be a Yogi. Please give what you can to the new Hanuman Temple today. with loving grace, Katrina

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