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Photo by John Phaneuf

Photo by John Phaneuf

I truly am dedicated and honored to practice with those who share the desire to dance beyond life roles and models; to live fully from them as well.  Many are surprised to discover the versatility and fluidity available within Yogic studies, and that everyone’s practice is different. There isn’t “one-way” to practice. Using your body for physical practice is a vehicle, using your mind, your senses, and your life are vehicles too.

Why have a practice model? -We can’t make the journey unless we have a container to make it in. Once we glance past societal misconceptions of Yoga, it can serve as a practical container to life’s big question “Who am I”  (Ramana Maharshi)

Clients can expect my attention, reliability, authenticity and friendship. A willingness to be open, even a little, can lead to life-changing moments. You can start from where you are – as you are. Yoga is not a religious thing, it’s a human thing. It can even propel an existing religious practice. The best explanation I’ve heard is…Yoga is the gas to propel your truth, no matter what make or model car your driving. Well, I improvised a little but…Yoga doesn’t want to change you, instead it gives us opportunities to shift perceptions allowing us to show up fully within “real” life. The rest is your willingness for listening. That also if not more, rings true within physical practices.

Internally and externally – pain can suck. I know that personally. I also know that by the time I see people, if they are in pain, it’s hard to focus on anything but the pain. And I’m not referencing just physical pain either. At one time or another, emotional pain appears in us all. But what if there was another lens to perceive pain from? Maybe altering, or shifting our relationship to/of pain? And by the way, pain is not a pre-requisite to start a practice but to name a few – desire, curiosity to learn and experience life playing with different perspectives of self and other- is. If we broaden the societal lens of what eastern philosophies, wisdom and practices can mean us in the modern world, it may not take pain to wake some of us up any longer

Yoga is not a quick fix, it is a practice. I am not a doctor, I am a seeker. Your senses, mind, body and more, are all vehicles to discover your practice. Be it Yoga, or not.

I am unfortunately not able to study with every inquiry received in order to honor my own commitment and in-depth personal attention given to my current students- so I’ve had to work within parameters to serve. My private practice is only able to take those looking for at least a two-day a week commitment for the in-person practice. I see clients in their home, work, or within my Encino, CA private studio. I have online Skype/Google Hangout and telephone students practicing with me, although asana (physical) through that platform is not currently available. The online practice requires no less than two-sessions per month, yet preferring once a week.

If you live in the LA area, or the online-practice approach sounds right for you – I like to have an initial free hang for us before embarking on a practice. Your time is valuable, as is mine, I feel its a worthy investment for me, and to honor my own diverse self-practices, that being able to relate to each other is important. To start your inquiry, click here to email me your information and ask any questions. Please allow time for a reply. Past that, you will receive a questionnaire. Whether practice with me (or a referral I may be able to supply) is right for you or me…I just want to acknowledge that for some, just reading this to the end is a huge step toward inviting and investigating something, anything different into your life. That is pretty big. Do what feels right in your heart and I am here regardless to serve in any other way I can. And remember, I am just a guide back to yourself, a reminder…everything you need already exists as a secret hidden in plain sight…its been inside you all along.

Wishing you a peaceful life, Katrina

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