“Katrina has synthesized some of my essential teachings on living in the present moment and within the presence in a way that is both practical and inspiring.”   Ram Dass

“In my mind being honest with oneself and having the courage for self-reflection are the foundations for any potential evolvement of a human being. Katrina, through her work with Ram Dass and other esteemed teachers really does represent these spiritual values. This enables her to share these teachings in a very personal, practical and mindful way. And through this caring style her students have really been able to transform their lives.” – Raghu Markus, Executive Director of Ram Dass’ Love Serve Remember Foundation

“When I first met her in 2001 as a visitor in New York city, I was so impressed by her openness, friendliness and  her warmth, which gave me the wonderful home feeling and encouragement to visit New York again and again and finally make a home here.When I was invited to her broadway show,  the surprise was so great that my mind was blown away by her powerful penetrating voice. It is hard to believe that power is from such a tiny body – for a couple of hours straight. I was thrilled! With a few years absence, now sitting in front of me is a Yogi confident and calm with her insightfulness of human nature and mindfulness. What a wonderful transformation! I won’t be surprised to get more surprise from her in the future. I’m sure!”Robert Peng  – Qigong Master, Healer, teacher, author

“On a Maui retreat with Ram Dass and Joan Halifax Roshi, Katrina and Malik met. Recognizing one another as brother and sister in Spirit, the retreat became a time of old souls connecting. Freedom, ease, laughter, spontaneous being awoke and as Hafiz said ‘Your Heart and mine are very, very old friends’.”- Malik Cotter – Doctor of Chinese medicine, herbalist, acupuncture, lecturer, teacher

What some students have to say about working with Katrina…

Molli, Immersion practice

♣ I came to California for a week long private-practice-retreat, to be immersed 24/7 due to some life changes I was going through.  I had just graduated high school and had a lot going on in my life.  I was also holding in a lot of previous traumas that were affecting me at the time.  During this experience, I was able to open up to Katrina about many struggles I had been dealing with for years prior.  She was able to connect on a level that I had never felt with anyone else before.  She showed me many ways through yoga how to love yourself and how to release the weight from past traumas through practicing.  I had no experience of yoga prior to this; so going into this retreat with an open mind helped me a lot.   One week of Katrina’s practice wasn’t enough to change how I felt about myself at the time, however it has helped me tremendously for the years following.  I have grown into a woman I can finally accept with help from her wise practice and encouragement.  I have learned to accept the here and now rather than the past and the future.  I have learned how to deal with daily inner struggles using certain tools Katrina has taught me through practice. Most importantly, her practice continues to impact me years after.  Katrina’s uniqueness and down to earth yoga is unlike anything you’ll experience anywhere else.  It has helped me through a lot and I encourage anyone to give her yoga a try.  It will help you individually and spiritually.

Pete, Attorney (telephone practice):

♠It’s not easy for me to write about my experience with Katrina as it was something beyond words. I called on her in a state of profound emotional pain and confusion. I did not understand or know the extent of her study. I came to her because I felt a strong connection. She taught me things that were real, not vague academic concepts. She taught me how to “hold space.” This was something that helped me get through the darkest point in my life. It’s not only what Katrina said but how she said it.

Lia, Media/Entertainment (internet video practice):

♣Giving, loving, caring, challenging. These are a few words that come up for me when I think of Kat and our weekly phone sessions.   Even though we’re almost 3,000 miles apart, it feels like she’s right next to me. That’s how strong of a connection we share. I would say that it is a connection that grew over time, but the truth is, it was instant. She’s soft and tough. She’ll make you laugh, work and think, which is what I believe what we are all looking for. Her knowledge and her patience make her an incredible teacher and advisor, and her compassion makes her an incredible human and friend.

Naomi, non-profit arts leader and mother (internet video practice):

♥with Katrina was hard work, but I’d never met a guide, coach, therapist, friend, whatever you’d call it, who approached me with such gritty honesty. There was never any judgment. Just truth, guidance and accountability. Working with Katrina freed me from many limiting thoughts.

Leah, Medical consulting director (internet video practice):

♦I am a consulting director for a large vendor, as well as a recent breast cancer survivor. I have only been studying with Katrina for a short period of time. Katrina came into my life during a very significant time while I was dealing with many anxieties related to my cancer. Katrina understands her audience and knows how to bring her teachings down to a layman’s level for clearer understanding. I knew right away she was going to be my Teacher and this was the right time for me to learn from her. From 3,000 miles away, Katrina has taught me to focus on why people come into my life and to learn from them. More importantly, she has taught me things about myself, things I took for granted in the past. I look forward to continued work together.

Adam, Sports:

♠I am a 52 year old, single father of an autistic teenage son, working in the exceedingly high stress work environment of representing professional athletes. Moreover, I walk around in chronic pain having had four back surgeries. And believe me, it shows! But not nearly as much as it did.

About a year ago, I finally recognized that the daily stresses of life were taking a noticeable toll on me. Several of my friends had been encouraging me to try yoga. Quite literally, in a state of personal desperation and panic, I began taking classes privately with Katrina.

The practice/discipline of yoga, itself, slowly began to calm and slow me down. The uncomfortable electric current that seemed to be running through my body dissipated. My vision widened and I, with a softer presence, was beginning to “receive the world” with more patience, kindness and empathy. And yes, I got stronger and my back feels discernibly better because of the increased strength and flexibility directly attributable to the practice. Perhaps most important is the fact that I employ the fundamentals of yoga in my everyday life—from dealing with my son, to my staff, to my clients, to getting through the security line at the airport.

Yoga is hard. It requires a real dedication, desire and commitment. I get some of the credit for getting it done myself, but much of the credit goes to my teacher, Katrina.

This short testimonial does not provide the space and time to adequately express the multitude and magnitude of knowledge she heaped upon me. She did so with vigilance, care, dedication, reliability, humor and love. In short, Katrina “walks the walk” and practices what she teaches while she is teaching it. And that is the definition of extraordinary and authentic. Anyone would be most fortunate to generate the personal desire to “get it done” and work with my dear friend, Katrina.

Julia, Media (both internet video and in-person practice):

♣I have been a student of Katrina’s in both semi-group class and private class environments for over a year, and can safely say there is nothing quite like her style of teaching. She is a fluid blend of many types of practitioners—part therapist, part personal trainer, part philosopher, part physical therapist, all wrapped up into one graceful package. Everything she teaches is yoga, and yet you may never realize it. The reason is that she is incredibly adept at intuitively knowing how to translate the broader scope and intricacies of yoga in a way that is meaningful to each student. For example, if you are pro golfer, she will explain what’s going on in your body and mind during the movement portion of your session in golf terms. Or, if you’re having issues in your relationship, she will relate the philosophy topic you discuss that day to your partner.

Katrina always lays a strong foundation for what she is teaching each session. There is no esoteric language or holier-than-thou vibe about her. Her teachings are always about what is real, down to earth, and for (and from) the mind of a beginner.

Since Katrina does not teach in a public format like a yoga studio, she is able to customize everything to each student, as well as relay her own experiences. Bringing in her personal stories and lessons has been helpful because it adds a layer of trust and humility that really illustrates her dedication to the practice. She is right alongside you, walking the talk.

I leave each session feeling a little lighter, clearer, and like I can more easily access the better person inside of me.

Brian, Communications (telephone, in-person and video practice):

♥It seems only natural that as humans we endeavor to understand the big picture of our existence. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is the purpose of all of this? And in every corner of the world can be found someone willing to offer up their personal insights to these questions. For me, none of the explanations I have met to date have appeased my curiosity. And it seems likely, even probable, that my physical existence will end long before we even scratch the surface to these inquiries. But in the small picture, there is still the living and breathing me. And as an individual I need to navigate my daily existence amid such lofty questions as well as everyday human emotion and experience. Katrina has been a friend and spiritual guide to me for many, many years and has always been someone that I could speak to and relate with as she would never push or pull me to a particular solution or answer. Like a splash in the river, Katrina would provide the waves of inspiration and help me to see the possibilities. And those possibilities are never isolated to a single philosophy, science, or ideology. Katrina understands me (and to a larger extent, the individual) and finds ways to inspire by drawing on resources that she knows will speak to me. Until recently, I was unaware that I was even practicing Yoga in our conversations. It’s this approach with me, and I would imagine many of her clients, that’s what makes Katrina’s teaching so accessible. It is a lot to ask someone to simply ‘believe’ in something; it is another thing entirely to guide someone through themselves to discover the answers within. Through her own personal experience, compassion, and grace, Katrina has always connected with and guided me as a friend, and now teacher.

Michael, Entertainment/sports/Media:

♦Katrina has re-defined the concept of yoga for me. She has carefully and sensitively designed a program that addresses my physical limitations & urgencies, while devoting tremendous energy to my emotional and psychological well-being. Our classes are proactive & interactive, always changing and challenging. Her research, preparation & personal attention is sometimes mindblowing. She is dedicated to self-study and the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. I am lucky to have found her.

Arn, Sports:

♠As Katrina leads my wife and me through the various yoga poses, she speaks in a supportive voice, insisting that we focus our energies at divinity within ourselves and discover and express our inner goodness to fulfill our obligation to better our world. How to do so is through the practice of yoga, and she always leaves us feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. The yoga she teaches can be as challenging as you want it to be. Her classes are less about toned abs than about self-expression and enjoyment.

Nancy, Entertainment CEO:

♣Katrina’s gentle intelligence and prodding brought me to a new understanding of my body. I trust her counsel, as a friend and confidant and teacher. Katrina has been a patient and compassionate guide on my path of yoga and meditation. She has a spirit that radiates light and possibility. Her classes are nicely paced and structured for those who want to go within. She’s proactively alert to her students’ special needs, and right there to help out.

Candice, Marketing (semi-group practice):

♦Katrina is sooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!! Hands down the BEST yoga experience and instructor of my life. Not only does she teach movements but, breaks down the movements to how they should feel to each individual. She also teaches the philosophy behind everything we do in class. She has totally set herself apart from any other teacher I’ve experienced. If you have not studied from her already you really must. You will LOVE her!!!

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