some cool links – Ep.28 of ZITL Podcast

At the start of this episode is a small piece of a lecture given by Timothy Leary! It’s the best description of my¬†own intentions for creating and releasing these podcasts. Why attempt to say it when some of the greatest minds have already done so? Graced through technology, we¬†remember and honor them and their families who keep their names and teachings alive:

The guest for this episode, and the up and coming Part 2 (Ep.29), is Tommy Stewart. If you have read the description on the iTunes or FYO podcast page, you are aware he is a rare and special kind of personal fitness trainer- embodying his own mindfulness practice and studies, allow his students of fitness to expand in health through many modalities, inside and out. For more information on Tommy or to start training with him in the LA area, go to

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