What is this podcast ZITL?

ZITL podcast is a discussion for people interested in “spirituality”. Wait, wait… 🙂 before you click off… your host Katrina Chester, is aware of the overuse of the word spirituality. Her intentions lie in discovery; unpacking the punch she and her guests feel through practice while along the way cultivating space to pack up misconceptions.

“Spiritual practices unveil innate abilities humans really have to ‘be with what is’. And, speaking of ‘what is’…colloquial, i.e., street language teachings are in demand for so many, yet remain infrequent within spiritual dialogues. In turn, it’s not out of the ordinary to hear that teachings feel unrealistic to so many. I hope these talks speak a language you resonate with; to feel you have found a virtual spiritual family where “spirituality” doesn’t feel separate, dogmatic, or out of reach. From there, to be able to narrow down a practice to propel a direction and new individual interpretations toward defining YOUR “spiritual practice”. Listening to audio podcasts, without looking for right or wrong, is a yogic practice. I was told years ago to “forget everything you thought you knew and your ahead of the game”. The once narrow inner and outer perceptions (subject-object, organism-environment) grow wider, and out comes the sometimes drastic balancing act I call… spiritual practice. The ones who scoff at spirituality report to me they are more logical thinkers. As a 35 year victim of believing all spirituality is not logical, I’m happy to say I can now smile warmly remembering that as one of the first “punches” I received early on in practice. Are there things that make my eyes roll? Of course! And, the misconception that a Yogi, a teacher, a practitioner, or any human is perfect or finished with their practice, was the second biggest “punch” received. Wisdom… for me is logic – the most living and breathing entity I have ever experienced. If you have a sense of humor – bring it 🙂

ZITL represents the in’s and out’s of waking up but also of going to sleep, metaphorically speaking. The teachings of many methods incorporate beautifully into already existing, modern life. It doesn’t ask us to change, move to a monastery, demand a guru… Yoga takes you just as you are, neurosis and all – which was something I could barely wrap my head around as I started. Guidance is primarily external in most of the western world – the media, society, etc., and it acts as the parental figure for a culture that never grew up. Most good children do listen, right? But that info is gathered by peering into the bigger and better yards – and they yell back to us “This is the logical path to happiness! They have an outdoor screen TV- Let’s get one, NOW!” So I say…go home. Listen inside. I know nothing but am willing to share that nothingness. The rest is up to you. I am grateful for you listening with the practice of compassion and curiosity because this is one hard practice – a podcast. I am really happy to share this ‘well’ of incredible friends, from all different methods, religions – as seekers and just normal folk looking for peace and celebrating / sometimes kicking- the holy shitness of life”. –Katrina Chester

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