Katrina states…

“I tell Hank he is helping relate faith for today’s world. It is an opportunity to release fear, for the ‘spiritual-minded but not religious’ as well as the religious. A release from the need to villainize one another which perpetuates that “us and them” syndrome – fueling our separation. Hank brings new & updated light to scriptures by presenting us with an almost God 2.0 approach without loosing the ancient nectar. For many of us in this world, there is an almost desperation for balance within family, friends, career, and for those caught in survival mode. So, providing dialogue without bullshit or pretense, without eluding that anyone should shoot for perfection in life, feels very paramount for our personal cultivation towards curiosity to learn from each other – regardless of individual roles and models or right or wrong. What interpretations do we miss just from a lack of curiosity? How did we get so literal?” Join Katrina with guest Hank Fortener in Episode 25 of Zooming in the Lens Podcast on Itunes!

Please support ADOPTTOGETHER.ORG who is helping connect babies & children, with families that may not be able to afford it. You can find Hank at www.HankFortener.com, Typically Hazardous with Hank PODCAST at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/typically-hazardous-w.-hank/id1052922862?mt=2 

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