Never grow up, grow out….

This life, practice and soul is floating along this same tributary. When it’s not remembering this, my spacesuit is really serious and all we do is up for drama and personal attacks; hurt feelings and let downs from expectations. Sure, pain, loss, suffering, as well as happiness, feels like a curse or reason in life. Daily I am in that same river floating, too. Yet in truth all of those above will still be there, do we need the commentator in our minds to latch on and inflate, too? I find being present nearly impossible if I’m busy with embodying the above list, so I practice watching the ever changing, allowing the truth to bleed out the impersonal ‘shit happens’, too. In that space I notice PLAY. What have you played lately? Inspiration, birth right, a human thing- not a spiritual or yogi thing…. Really See…. I share this on the blood moon..Never leave the playground-youtube

Katrina Chester

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